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yellow shows

There are some TV Shows that I consider to be yellow shows. Yellow shows aren’t necessarily yellow in color but they are definitely yellow in feeling and spirit. For example, Sabrina the Teenage Witch is a yellow show. Actually most shows that star Melissa Joan Hart are yellow shows even though she really doesn’t seem like an overly yellow person.

Yellow shows are all very mindless and watchable. They are upbeat, use non-funny humor, and are non-offensive. Another example is that newish show on Netflix called Young and Hungry. Young and Hungry is extremely yellow and empty. And maybe it’s the emptiness that increases the yellowness of the show.

Young and Hungry highlights a fast food maven’s journey to compete to become the best grease age identifier in the USA. Along the way she has many odd jobs including taste testing diet Dr Pepper to earn $5 worth of Walmart coupons. She befriends and later dates a mentally challenged adult whose quirky detail is that he actively uses Facebook 24 hours per day.

These empty shows are great to watch while eating a meal. It doesn’t matter if you pay attention a little or don’t pay attention at all, you can easily catch up if you think you care about the storyline. You can skip episodes and it doesn’t really make a difference and episodes end emotionlessly (classic yellow show style).

When I feel gross after a long day in the office, nothing neutralizes my sadness like watching a good or bad yellow show. My only complaint is that there aren't more yellow shows!

Is the Home Shopping Network (HSN) a yellow network? Well, maybe. But I think of it more like an abstract version of an orange network. It is mindless and heartless but there is no laugh track and very little space between words. This makes the network too stressful and more orange than yellow.

Disney Channel wants to be a yellow network but fails because it’s too annoying. Too many children using cellphones and doing things that old adults do when they give up on life. Also - too many one-liners and “smart” fast talk. Many teenagers and sad adults base their personality on the sassy Disney sidekick. This sassiness makes Disney shows / movies unable to reach a yellow status.

Dharma and Greg is definitely yellow. It’s the story of a chicken nugget who meets an obese lawyer and they decide to kiss throughout the day. Sounds kind of weird, I know, but believe me it isn’t at all. It’s slightly boring and extremely yellow.

Do you know of any other yellow shows? If so, please write to me.