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✎ welcome to ! ! ! this website is for my audio, video, images, and sounds.

In 2006, I came across a YouTube user named “Nornna.” I watched one of Nornna's videos and was both hypnotized and repulsed. She soon had hundreds more and developed a cult following. I attempted to view all of her work but found this overwhelming. Suddenly, Nornna’s account was suspended and I found myself grieving. 

Nornna recently began a new YouTube account which already has around 900 videos. As an homage to Nornna’s oeuvre, and to continue my own body of work within the oppressive field of office aesthetics and tools, I am working on a public Google Sheets spreadsheet cataloging her videos for posterity. The spreadsheet uses specific rules to collect and preserve information from Nornna’s creations, and represents data using visual elements. I will store information until Nornna stops posting. Took a break from this project but will be updating again.

nornna spreadsheet