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The cowboy fashioned a very devastating circle with his lasso. His rope twirled and whirled until it created a cyclone, absorbing all naturally existing color of the earth and leaving everything white and confusing. The most horrifying thing about this aggressive action was that the disgusting cowboy was wearing Oakley sunglasses, obviously from the Oakley store in the outlet mall. It can be said that this outlet mall has undergone a lot of changes. It can also be said that this mall is exactly the same minus the fact that all of the earth is now white. A cowboy wearing Oakley sunglasses sucking all of the color out of the world doesn’t seem that unusual.

Traveled to another dimension from the past. While waiting for training session to begin, a human to my right asked me how to spell, “disease.” A couple hours later, a different human requested the correct spelling of the word, “applying.” Where am I and how did I end up here?

A person with orange strings on their head – eyes too close together, unable to close mouth, goes into the unisex bathroom and finds the mirror. Person is ashamed that their eyes aren’t closer together. Everything else on the planet has the opposite opinion but honestly nobody wins. Some people have been applying for various diseases. To apply for a disease, one must fill out an application, either in their mind or in their body or bodies. Their tissue will tickle the moment the authorities have placed their eyes on the disease application and maybe the application itself is diseased.

The people are tearing off pieces of food and throwing the pieces into their mouth or mouths. Some of the food pieces will fall out of a mouth but the people keep doing it for hours and hours and don’t seem to care. One person decided to take a stand, so he stood and started screaming about some customer service he perceived as being negative. He had been using similar customer service tactics on all of the patrons of the establishment for his entire career but this did not register. After he yelled about his experiences and smashed the receiver of his office phone into his desk repeatedly, and then he threw more food into his mouth and sat down. His task chair was cushioned with standard padding plus a thick soft later of food that had missed or fallen out of his large mouth. I pretended to be hyper focused on reviewing incomplete diseased documents and ignored his behavior, as usual. There must be something relaxing about chewing and swallowing different flavors.