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Purple spikes almost stopped the car bubbles but they didn’t. The car brakes were pressed down and when they were pressed, the car started to stop. And it then stopped and the person took a deep breath. Then the person decided to get out of the car to get a closer look at what was in the road. The spikes were purple in color and they were also bubble-like. They looked kind of inflated and a little melted. The person thought:

should I touch these things or should I not because they might hurt or kill me?

The bubbles looked sort of harmless and the person decided to feel more confident than the bubbles in order to overpower their unpleasant vibes. The person walked in a circle around the spikes and stopped. The bubbles were almost winking at the person but not quite. The person thought:

maybe I should wink at them before they wink at me? and maybe that’s how I can overpower the bubbles or spikes?

The person did another lap around the trash in the road. The person mentally searched for the spike’s eyes but didn’t feel any to be present. The bubbles in the road had no feelings and were without a soul. The person sensed this but wondered if they too had been programmed to react to conflict.