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Yellow shows should be created by neural networks? What should TV be like?

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They could be. If they aren’t yet, they should and will be created by artificial neural networks. We don’t need to waste time making comforting yellow shows. Instead they can be generated by a computer that is programmed to know exactly what we need and want. Eventually we will all be enjoying plot-free, yellow entertainment.

Script generation via neural networks could actually make yellow shows more interesting. I would suggest entering in all content featured in joke books published after 1985, to be used as dialog. The audience’s reaction could guide the computer and let the program know when things do and don’t make sense, or if things are appealing or boring.

When dialog does not make sense, this footage can be saved for the amusement of other types of people. The standard jokes that “make sense” will be suitable for normal people. It’s okay if there is some mixture of standard and weird dialog, as sitcom writing is usually pretty spotty / uneven because it doesn’t really matter.

HGTV is a yellow network. HGTV should be taking advantage of artificial environments. Their shows are all the same and are useful in treating depression / anxiety. We the people do not need to tour “real” houses. The same yellow feeling can be achieved by observing artificial homes that we can search for, deconstruct, and rebuild.

The hosts don’t always have to be human either. The host can be generated according to what the viewer finds the most soothing or most horrible. For example, I would choose a house cat to host a show like House Hunters. I could choose the location of the hunt which could be based on an actual place or an invented environment. If I want to look at homes near the fracking trash water in Denton, TX, hosted by Donna Dresch, I can submit that info into the program. Because the results would be so terrifying, I’m beginning to think that these wouldn’t necessarily be yellow shows. More like yellow with red stripes shows. Forget everything I've ever said.